Why is it that even the tiniest of things can seem like the hardest tasks ever?! Getting dressed, Going outside, Interacting with people… That’s all a nono unless it’s absolutely and completely necessary (so basically just for school). Then sometimes even small things like, getting out of bed, making a phone call, leaving my room, reading! Something that was once my favourite thing in the world, i can’t even concentrate on anymore. It’s not even like i just don’t want to do these things or can’t be bothered… It don’t know what exactly it is but sometimes if i feel forced to do them, i’ll burst into tears. what is wrong with me.

Honest to god. A lot of people do not deserve my love. They do not deserve to be loved by me. Not insinuating that I am anything special because I believe I am quite the opposite but my love..
My love is nothing like me. It is a source of warmth and comfort, passionate, real, forgiving, believing, sacrificing, frequently giving, never counting. It’s cute quotes for you to read when you wake, it’s making pancakes at midnight because you’re hungry, it’s doing things to make you smile, sacrificing things ‘cos we haven’t talked in a while. It’s “no other guy exists - I only want you”, It’s supportive, it’s encouraging, it’s beautiful it’s true. It’s way too good to have thrown back in my face. Once I remember that, i’ll save myself a lot
of disgrace.